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Expert Water Line Repair For Your Clark County Residence

You probably don’t give your main water line much thought. It stays buried deep beneath the yard, piping millions of gallons of water to the house. Usually, there’s no reason to think about it.

When you do need to think about your main water line, it’s not a good day. Either you have no water, or too much water. You’re in need of plumbing service and need to know what your options are.

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Who This Page Is For:

We wrote this page to help homeowners who have questions about their main water line. You’ll find basic information about water lines, their location and function, and learn how to deal with a problem if it breaks. You’ll also learn about trenchless water line replacement and how it can save you money and headache.

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Water Line Basics

main water line

What is a Main Water Line?

The terms main water line, water main, or main line refer to the pipe that delivers water from the city water system or well to your home. Left undisturbed, a water main may last for decades, but underground work, tree roots, or accidents may damage your water line and cause leaks.

main water meter

What is a Main Water Meter?

Your water meter is the box that controls and monitors the amount of water that enters your property from the city water system. The city uses your water meter to track how much water you use.

If your water usage is unusually high, you may receive a notice from the city recommending you look for a water leak. It is possible to have a water leak even if you can’t see water leaking anywhere on your property. If you do get a notice from the city, or your water bill is unusually high, contact a leak detection service.

water line materials

Water Line Materials

Water lines are made from a variety of materials. The type of service line to your home depends on the age of the home, and whether it has been previously replaced. Some materials such as cast iron or galvanized pipes are prone to decay and should be fully replaced. Lead pipes are a health hazard and should be replaced immediately.

  • PEX tubing
  • CPVC tubing
  • Galvanized pipes
  • Copper pipes
  • Cast iron pipes
  • Lead pipes

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"We have used them on a couple of occasions - both in our condo and our house - and they were great! In our condo we needed a repair and they came in a timely manner, were super friendly, fixed the issue and finished up quickly. On our house, they did pretty much everything and nailed it. We truly appreciate their professionalism and will absolutely use them again!"
-Colette C.
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Water Line Repair

water line repair in clark county

Traditional Water Line Repair

Repairing an underground water line starts with identifying the source of the problem. Once the leak is located, the dirt around the pipe is excavated to make room for a repair. Our service plumbers remove the faulty section of pipe and replace it with new material.

Trenchless Water Line Replacement

Unlike traditional water line repair or replacement, which requires digging trenches through your lawn, trenchless water line replacement is a minimally invasive option that uses a boring machine to insert the new water line beneath your yard.

Due to the reduced labor costs, trenchless water line replacement can be much less expensive than traditional methods. In some cases, trenchless replacement may be cheaper than repair.

What Your Neighbor in Vancouver, WA Said:

"I got a reasonable estimate on seven inspection items needed attention. Tyler made the repairs faster than anticipated, so I ended up paying half of the original estimate! Eric was responsive, attentive and even did extra research just because he is nice. This man has integrity and he gave me the feeling that he cares."
-Eran U.
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Water Line FAQs

water line frequently asked questions

Q: How do I find out if my main water line is leaking?

A: Turn off all the water to fixtures in your home. Check your water meter and note the reading. An hour later, check again and compare the numbers. If you’ve used a significant amount of water in that time, you have a leak.

Q: Who is responsible for repairing my main water line?

A: If you’re the owner of your home, you’re responsible for any water line repairs which occur on your side of your water meter. If the meter itself needs repair, or if there is a leak on the city or county side of the meter, they will take care of the work.

Q: Why do I have low water pressure?

A: There are several potential causes for low pressure on your main water line. Common areas to check include your water meter valve, main shutoff valve, pressure regulator or your main line. If you’re experiencing low pressure through the whole house, our service technicians can help diagnose the problem.

Q: How long will it take to replace my main water line?

A: This depends on how extensive the repair needs to be. Repairing a small section of your main line may take a few hours, while replacing a full line that spans 50 feet or more can take a day or two. Under most circumstances, you water will be off for a few hours as we hook up your new service. Some excavation may be required, but often we’re able to use a trenchless water line machine to save the landscaping (and a lot of time and money).

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