Need water heater repair in Vancouver WA?

Direct Plumbing Solutions specializes in water heater repair in Vancouver WA and the surrounding areas. We offer complete solutions to your water heater problems from diagnosis to repair. Our water heater repair service comes with a 100% guarantee and a warranty on all replacements. If you have questions or concerns about your water heater, be sure to let us know! Our friendly knowledgeable staff is always ready to assist you. Give us a quick call today, and leave your worries in the past.

Our plumbers can work on any hot water heating problem

There are many issues that can come up with your water heater. Our experienced plumbers can handle practically any of them, including:Water Heater Repair Vancouver WA

  • Leaking Water Heater Tanks
  • Strange Noises
  • No Hot Water
  • Not Enough Hot Water
  • Bad or Strange Odors
  • Pilot Not Staying Lit
  • Burner Not Staying Lit
  • Unusual Rumbling
  • And Much more!

Our plumbers are versatile!

Along with water heater repair, call our skilled plumbers for drain cleaning, new fixture installation, and other plumbing repair in Vancouver WA!

What are some signs of a failing water heater?

If you suspect that your water heater isn’t functioning properly, there are a few common signs you can look for. The age, the color of the water, unusual noises, and water leaks are all signals that something is wrong and should be looked at by a qualified plumber.

The age of your water heater

Most water heaters last around 10 years, depending on a number of people living in your home. If your water heater is older than 10 years and seems to be acting up, it may be time to replace your water heater.

Rust colored water

If you are experiencing rust-colored water, it may be time for a water heater check-up. This can be caused by older pipes too. If you have an older plumbing system, we can do a quick inspection and make sure it is your water heater and not old plumbing.

Loud noises coming from water heater

If you are hearing rumbling noises or loud pops coming from your water heater, it may be failing. This is often from sediment build up that expands and contracts with heat changes.

Water leaks

If you are experiencing water leaking around your water heater, it may be time to call a professional plumber. Water around your water heater can be a sign of a failing water heater.

Should I repair or replace my water heater?

Your water heater is one of the most overlooked components in your home. It is usually out of sight, and working without you even realizing it. Water heaters wear out over time and will eventually leave you with a cold shower. Repairing or replacing your hot water heater can depend on a lot of factors. A few things to consider are the age of the hot water heater, and the amount of water heater use it has had.


We do water heater maintenance and inspections too

We go through a checklist of manufacturer’s inspection recommendations for your water heater. You can rest at ease knowing your water heater will continue to work at its peak performance. Common inspections include draining your water heater, checking all the fittings around your water heater, seismic straps, and the temperature relief valve. Our full point water heater inspection comes with a one year guarantee. So choose us with confidence and call or contact us today!