The Top 30 Plumbers In Clark County

Top 30 Plumbers

in Clark County, Washington

Ranked by online reputation. Updated every quarter.

Express Water Heater Service


Simpson Plumbing


HD Plumbing Services


CH Kruse Plumbing


Clark County Plumbing & Drain


Technical Plumbing


Summit Plumbing


Proline Plumbing & Sewer


M5 Plumbing Services


Sarkinen Rooter


Waterways Plumbing


Aqua Star Plumbing


Tacc Plumbing


All County Plumbing


Seekins Plumbing


360 Plumbing +


Streamline Plumbing


Mr. Rooter of Vancouver


Clark County’s Best Plumbers

Are you looking for the top plumbers in Clark County? When you need to repair your home, you should always hire the best. 

If you’ve never hired a plumber before, it can be difficult to know who to trust.

When your regular plumber isn’t available, it can be frustrating to find a replacement.

Many of us turn to reviews to tell the story. Studies have shown that 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a recommendation from a friend.

These plumbers have been hired and rated by thousands of your friends and neighbors. When you need help in a hurry, the Top 30 list provides you with the top plumbers in Clark County.

July 2018 Update

  • Facebook reviews are now included in the reputation score, have resulted in significant changes in the list
  • Google’s anonymous reviews disappeared in May 2018, affecting several companies
  • Google’s review-gating ban may affect businesses who continue to use it in their review requests
Top Plumbers in Clark County

By Website


Google reviews appear in local search results and help billions of people make decisions every day.

According to a 2018 study, 63% of consumers report checking Google reviews before making a purchasing decision.

Direct Plumbing Solutions


Rowe Plumbing and Drain


Sarkinen Plumbing


Clog Pro Plumbing & Drain


CH Kruse Plumbing


Clog Pro Plumbing & Drain


Rowe Plumbing and Drain


CH Kruse Plumbing


Clark County Plumbing & Drain


Express Water Heater Service



This internet review behemoth had 100 million unique visitors in Q1 2018.

Yelp prohibits contractors from asking for reviews, and uses strict review filtering to remove “non-organic” reviews. As a result, it’s much more difficult to build a reputation on Yelp – and more rewarding when you do.


The cornerstone of home improvement and maintenance, HomeAdvisor connects homeowners with professionals who can help make their project a success.

HomeAdvisor’s parent company IAC acquired Angie’s List in 2017, but the two websites continue to operate independently.

Maspro Service


Advanced Plumbing


Henco Plumbing


Summerson Plumbing


Summit Plumbing


Clog Pro Plumbing & Drain


Christensen Plumbing


Laing’s Plumbing


Express Water Heater Service


Technical Plumbing


Angie’s List

Founded in 1995, Angie’s List is the oldest rating website of the group. In 2016 they introduced free memberships after earnings disappointed investors.

Angie’s List’s rating system provides letter ratings instead of stars. We’ve converted the letter ratings to stars for consistency. 1 star = F, 5 stars = A, etc.


Facebook’s recent announcement about the new Marketplace Services has contractors eyeing the platform as another way to reach customers. We expect to see more reviews here as plumbers begin offering services in Marketplace.

Rowe Plumbing & Drain


Clark County Plumbing & Drain


All County Plumbing


Sarkinen Plumbing


Tacc Plumbing


About the list

This list of plumbing contractors was developed internally at Direct Plumbing Solutions as a way to measure and track the top plumbers in Clark County. While we use it as a business planning tool, we decided to share it publicly as a resource for homeowners as well.

This list is presented as calculated by our algorithm. We haven’t curated or edited it in any way. The presence of a company on this list is not an endorsement of their service.

About the algorithm

This list ranks Clark County plumbers based on online reputation. Ranking is calculated based on total reviews and average rating. We’re using reviews from Google, Yelp, Home Advisor, Angie’s List and Facebook. The reviews and ratings are updated each quarter.

We use this formula to measure the reputation of each plumbing company:

( √ ( total reviews ) ) x ( review average – 3 )

This formula accounts for businesses with high review counts but low overall ratings, and high overall ratings but few reviews. The end result is a reputation score, which we use to determine place in the list.

Known weaknesses

As with any algorithm that attempts to rank a broad and multi-faceted industry, there are some weaknesses.

Angie’s List ratings: Angie’s List uses a different rating system than the other three, which results in average ratings being rounded to the nearest 20th percentile (for example, an average rating of 4.63 gets rounded to 5). This skews rankings for businesses which have a large percentage of Angie’s List reviews.

Other reputation sources: There are other review sites and sources available. Including them would affect these rankings. We’ve made the decision to include reviews from Google, Yelp, HomeAdvisor and Angie’s List as they are the most popular places to find a plumber for most Clark County homeowners.

Review gating: A common practice in the plumbing industry, review gating is a technique to filter reviewers and prevent low-scoring reviews from being posted while promoting high-scoring reviews. Companies that participate in review-gating may artificially improve their online reputation. As of the current update, we don’t have a way to account for review gating in this list. Read more about review gating >>

We know this system isn’t perfect, but we hope you find it helpful when deciding who to call for plumbing service.