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This page is a resource for homeowners considering a home remodel or renovation. From fixture change-outs to additions and full remodels, we partner with the best contractors in Clark County to update your home.

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Remodel Plumbing

Modifying an existing plumbing system is a delicate job. We work with some of the top remodelers in Clark County to provide the high level of service they expect for their customers, and we’re happy to extend that service to you.

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom remodel plumbing requires knowledge of existing plumbing systems and excellent customer service. From a quick toilet swap to shower replacements, rough-ins or trim-outs, our team has the skills for the job.

All remodels are completed by our trained service technicians. We take any time necessary to explain the project, options and requirements to you so that you’re never in the dark.

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Kitchen Remodeling

Updating your kitchen can be one of the best investments in an existing home. We partner with remodel contractors to modernize your kitchen. We bring a deep respect for your home, and always want to leave it more beautiful than when we arrived.

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Many older homes are constructed with low-grade materials prone to leaks and failure. In some circumstances, it can be cost-effective to repipe the entire home with a high-quality plumbing system. 

Our repipe process is low-impact and takes one to two days. After it’s finished, all you’ll notice are a few small drywall patches and a brand-new, reliable plumbing system that will last for decades.

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Direct Plumbing Solutions partners with the best local restoration and remediation companies to repair water damage and restore your home. We work with disaster restoration teams to provide expert plumbing service during an emotionally charged time.

During and after a disaster in a home, families need extra special care. Our service technicians make sure you can feel safe, secure, and in control.

Do you have a water damage emergency? View our list of restoration partners and get expert advice today.

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