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“While I wish the toilet problem had been completely fixed the first time, I know that doesn’t always happen in the real world. What is critical is a company standing behind its work, and your company did that.” -John

“Fast and friendly service. They were here for about 25 minutes and fixed my leaking kitchen sink drain. I would call again for my next plumbing problem.” -Teresa

“My main drain to the septic was clogged. Direct Plumbing Solutions was the only one that would come out next day and not charge me an extra fee. We tried using our own sewer snakes and chemicals to no avail. They had it unclogged in less than an hour.” ​-Mason

“I’ve used Direct Plumbing on my own home several times and they have done an amazing job, reliable, and are on the spot when it’s an emergency.​” -Sally

“My water heater needed major repairs and they showed my why. They also told me a new water heater would be cheaper to install then to make all the repairs to my existing one. I appreciate their honesty and not nickle and diming me on the way out the door!​” -Cameron

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