Plumbing Projects


Last year we completed over 300 plumbing projects in Vancouver, from leak repairs to full house repipes. These projects highlight some of the work we’ve completed in and around Vancouver.

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Plumbing Projects

  • Downtown Vancouver Home Remodel
  • Main Sewer Line in Vancouver
  • ...More Featured Projects Coming Soon

Downtown Vancouver Home Remodel

This vintage Vancouver home was built in the early 1900s. It carries its age well. While repairing wear and tear in the century-old home, the new owners decided to retain its classic look and pair it with contemporary style.

Direct Plumbing Solutions plumbed in water lines and drains, and installed fixtures including an undermount kitchen sink, a clawfoot tub, a walk-in shower and several lavatory sinks.


  • Completed: Early 2018
  • Plumbers: Tyler Tanninen, Chris Atkinson
  • Contractor: Homeowner

Main Sewer Line Repair in Vancouver

This home in downtown Vancouver was experiencing recurring clogs and slow drains. Drain snakes didn’t solve the problem, and backed-up sewage in the drain made camera inspection difficult.

After eliminating options for simple fixes, we were able to diagnose the problem. We determined that the main sewer line had collapsed. To further complicate the problem, the sewer line was shared with a neighboring unit.

Our team excavated the old cast iron sewer line and replaced it. The tenant was back in their home within 24 hours.


  • Completed: Summer 2017
  • Plumber: Eric Hanson

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