Pipe problems? Call us for a plumber in Hockinson!

If you have a clogged drain, sometimes the cause of the problem is obvious. A toy truck stuck in the toilet? That will do it. How about an entire roll of toilet paper wadded up into a ball? A little bit of plunging will usually do the trick. Unfortunately, plumbing isn’t always as straightforward. Your plumbing system not only connects the rooms inside of your house, but connects to the public utilities or your well outside. And a problem anywhere in your plumbing can cause more than localized issues. And while drain cleaners are effective against many instances of clogged drains, they don’t always work when water is backing up, especially when the problem is something other than a clog. Let Direct Plumbing Solutions¬†solve the mystery. When you call for a plumber in Hockinson, we’ll get there fast and make sure to come up with a solution!

There are other causes of backups besides clogged drains?¬†Absolutely! While we always check for a clog, there isn’t always one. Other sources include a problem with your main water line, roots on your pipes, or even a water table that’s too high and your well has nowhere to drain. No matter what’s causing it, we won’t rest until we find out!
Plumber Hockinson

Our plumbers do much more than clear drains!

Drain cleaning is an important part of what we do. But it isn’t the only thing our experienced plumbers in Hockinson can handle. Some other jobs we do include:

  • Checking the condition of your hot water heater and doing repairs if necessary.
  • Installing new fixtures such as sinks, toilets, and replacement water heating units.
  • Replacing obsolete plumbing materials with better, more efficient pipes
  • And much more!

Our local plumbing team provides unmatched service

With all the plumbers in Hockinson and the rest of the Vancouver metro area, it can be hard to be sure that you’ll find one that provides quality work at a fair price. One important metric to consider is customer reviews. With consistent 5-star ratings on Google and Yelp, customers love how our friendly and efficient plumbers make sure to get the job done right and work with unmatched integrity. For any plumbing issues you have in Hockinson, call or contact us today.