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There are a couple of parts of your home that you don’t want to do anything with if you’re a novice. The electrical work is one of these because it’s dangerous. And your plumbing system is another one. A good plumber in Hazel Dell WA will do much more than unclog a toilet or get a wedding ring out of a sink. Plumbing includes water delivery to every part of your property, including the main water line that connects your unit to the public utilities. And if something goes wrong here, you not only lose access to water at all of your fixtures, but your yard will probably suffer damage too! Let Direct Plumbing Solutions be the answer to your plumbing problems, and call our professional team to help right away.

What if I’m on a private system? According to The New York Times, over half a million homes don’t have a proper plumbing system. Some of these are makeshift systems, but fortunately, many people in the Hazel Dell area at least have a septic system. And while private systems don’t connect to city water, the indoor plumbing is virtually the same. Fortunately, we can help with both. We can help with any septic problems but also make sure your plumbing fixtures are working right too.


What plumbing solutions can your plumbers offer?

Whenever you have any problems with any kind of plumbing system, you can be sure that we’ll have the answer. Our experienced plumbers regularly perform many types of repairs and services, including: Plumber Hazel Dell WA

  • Putting in new fixtures such as toilets, sinks, and water heaters that can improve water usage efficiency.
  • Unclogging drains from anywhere from a couple inches down the drain to over a hundred feet out.
  • Repairing usable pipes and fixtures that are still in workable condition.
  • Repiping and replacing older plumbing systems with durable, dependable materials.
  • Emergency plumbing such as main water line repair/replacement that can’t wait until the next day.

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