Where’d that pipe go? Call our plumber in Camas!

Pipe bursts can happen at any time. This is especially common on older houses that are made of obsolete piping. And if a pipe in your house gives way and starts leaking water into your home, you can’t afford to wait. Turn off the water supply if possible, then call Direct Plumbing Solutions for a plumber in Camas WA. We’re available night and day for emergency plumbing and will head over to your property immediately if your problem can’t wait. Simply tell us that it’s an emergency and we’ll set it as our immediate priority!

We’re family-owned and operated! Our local plumbers focus our efforts in Camas WA and the nearby metro area, the same place where we live. This helps us strengthen our bond with the community and get to you quickly, because we know the area well. We also offer unbeatable service and warranties you won’t find from a big corporate office!


What kind of plumbing jobs can you handle?Plumber Camas WA

With experienced plumbers on staff who have seen just about everything in the profession, you can be sure that you’re getting the best plumbing service around. Some of the work we commonly do include:

  • Drain cleaning and unclogging toilets, sinks, showers, and other types of drains.
  • New fixture installations including measuring, placement, and anything else needed.
  • Doing home repipes for outdated or damaged plumbing systems.
  • Water heater repair and many other kinds of plumbing repair both residential and commercial
Don’t choose shady plumbers with no background! Some plumbing companies do whatever they can to make money from people in need. We care about our customers. That’s how we’ve managed to earn high reviews on Google, Yelp, and more!  

Call us for plumbing jobs big and small

Plumbing systems are complicated and interconnected. And because they’re so expansive, problems range from minuscule faucet leaks to main water line replacements. And our team of qualified plumbers is ready to tackle them all. Sometimes, the repair job is as simple as turning a valve or two. Other times, it’s extremely difficult to locate the source of a leak and what caused it. But when it happens at an inconvenient time, our conveniently available plumbers will be waiting to help. So when you have a problem in the pipes, call or contact us for plumbing in Camas WA as your first choice!