When might you need a main water line repair in Vancouver WA?

Do you have low water pressure in your home? Have you tried everything you can and not had a positive result? The problem might be bigger than you think. If this is happening throughout your house, it may be an issue with your plumbing system. But it can also be a problem with your main water line, the pipe that connects your home to the city water utilities. As this is the source of water for your entire property, an issue here will impact everything. But it’s also extremely hard to access and is a job that should only be done by professionals with the right experience and equipment. At Direct Plumbing Solutions, we have the right personnel and tools for main water line repair in Vancouver WA, and we’ll make sure it gets done correctly.

Be careful of a galvanized pipe main

Many older homes in Vancouver and surrounding areas were constructed with a galvanized main waterline that can easily build up with rust and corrosion. Galvanized piping should be replaced immediately because it has many problems, including:

  • Low water pressure. Galvanized pipes are prone to rust and corrosion on both the inside and outside of the pipe. This constricts the inner pipe and restricts the amount of water that can get through.
  • Water discoloration and poor taste. Rust can also get into the water that you bathe with and drink. It often comes out a brownish color and has a distinctly unpleasant metallic taste to it.
  • Leaks in your plumbing system. Because galvanized piping has a short lifespan, corrosion can expand to point of eating through the layers of metal and leaving holes where water leaks out.

Have a smaller, localized issue?

No job is too small! Our versatile plumbers are standing by for all kinds of plumbing repairs such as clearing clogs through drain cleaning and will also help you with new fixture installation!

Main Water Line Repair Vancouver WA

Lower your monthly water bill by fixing your main water line

Does your water bill seem unusually high? Is your electric bill unusually high? Both of these could indicate that your main water line is leaking without you ever seeing the damage. A good way to check if you have a leak if you are on metered water is to make sure no fixtures inside the house are consuming water and take a look at your water meter, generally located near the street.

How can you check your water usage? First, Make a note of the numbers on the meter. Leaving all water in the house off for an hour, go back to the meter and compare the numbers to the ones you wrote down. If the meter shows you are consuming water with nothing on in the house or irrigation system, there’s a good chance you have a leak in your main water line. If this is the case, give us a call today if you would like an expert to evaluate your water supply in Vancouver WA.