Do I need repipes in Vancouver WA?

While most new homes are made of safe piping materials, many older homes are made up of galvanized, lead, or polybutylene pipes. These materials are unsafe and have a short lifespan. But if your entire plumbing system is made from them, what can you do? Direct Plumbing Solutions can give you a plumbing inspection and help you with any of your plumbing questions. By doing repipes in your Vancouver WA property, you can increase your water pressure and save money on your monthly water bill. But what exactly is repiping, and what can you expect for the process?

Your re-pipe questions answered

Will re-plumbing my home tear it apart?

While re-piping your home is a big job, it can be done with minimal damage. Direct Pluming Solutions will walk through your home and construct a plan that will leave your home as undamaged as possible. When we have to cut through walls to re-pipe your home, we try to avoid tile, wallpaper or paneling and cut holes in areas under sinks or hidden areas.

Is your plumbing guaranteed?

Our work is 100% guaranteed for a year. We make sure to leave you with a job well done. If something goes wrong, simply call us, and we’ll make it right–at no cost to you.

What is the first step to your process?

Our first step in the process is coming out to your home and inspecting the amount of work to be done. We make sure and let you know any potential problems and our solutions to them and include our findings in 

When should I consider a home repipe?

Repipes Vancouver WA

Many older homes used pipes from materials that were thought to be effective at the time but were later found out to be brittle or toxic. These types of materials are no longer allowed, and replacing them will provide better water delivery while keeping you and your family safe.

  • Some older homes still use lead pipes in its plumbing system. Lead can leach into your water and is highly toxic.
  • Polybutylene pipes were used from the ’70s to the ’90s, they are very brittle and prone to breaking.
  • Galvanized pipes can cause several plumbing problems in your home. Some of the problems include poor tasting water, leaks, and weak water pressure.
These materials don’t just function poorly! Along with inefficient water delivery, lead and galvanized piping often cause poor tasting water. This can be a result of lead leaching into your system or rust building up inside galvanized pipes.

How can your plumbing services help me?

Aside from home re-piping, Direct Plumbing Solutions also provides plumbing repair services like drain cleaning. We’ve found out that many times, customers have no idea that they have old, rusted, or even toxic pipes. When we come down for a job such as installing new fixtures or fixing a leak we’ll check the condition and materials in your pipes as well. We want to make sure everyone stays safe! Call or contact us today for repipes in Vancouver WA or any other plumbing service you need.