Do you need drain cleaning in Vancouver WA?

Is it taking a long time for your sink to drain? Does your shower sometimes turn into a bathtub? Then let our team of drain cleaning experts clear your clogged drains! At Direct Plumbing Solutions, we can quickly and effectively clear your clogged drains the safe way. We provide comprehensive drain cleaning in Vancouver WA for bathroom sinks and showers, kitchens, toilets, floor drains, and more. No matter where your clog is, we have you covered.

What kind of clogs can your plumbers clear up?Drain Cleaning Vancouver WA

Some clogs are easier to fix than others. Sometimes, it takes a couple of minutes to remove a fitting and take out the clog. Other times, it’s deep in the line and requires extensive tools and techniques to remove. Fortunately, our plumbers are ready for anything.

  • Clogs in kitchen sinks are usually from food build up, hair, soap grime, and fats from foods. Let our experienced plumbers clear any blocked or clogged drains and get your water draining normal again.
  • If your shower’s pan is filling up with water as you shower, it may be time to clean your showers drains. Shower drain clogs are usually a result of hair build up, along with soap and other scum.
  • Got a problem a plunger won’t fix? Our friendly plumbers can clear any clogged toilet and have it up and be running in no time. We clear your clogged toilets safely by using the most up-to-date equipment. Our tools breakĀ up any and all obstacle clogging your toilet.

Have other plumbing issues?

Our expert plumbers are also prepared for water heater repair, repiping your home, and other plumbing repairs too!

Choose the local plumbing in Vancouver WA you can trust

Choosing the right plumbing contractor can be tough! At Direct Plumbing Solutions, we know we can give you the best service possible. Not only do we clear drains, but we are also plumbing experts. By choosing us to come out to your home, we can make any plumbing repairs or replacements to your home’s plumbing system. We offer a full line of services for business and homeowners so you can save money by having all the work done by one versatile contracting team. We make sure and take exceptional care of your property and home. Call or contact us today to make an appointment for drain cleaning in Vancouver WA or one of our many other services.