About Us

Direct Plumbing Solutions, LLC is a service plumber in Vancouver, WA that provides homeowners, property managers, and remodelers with top-rated plumbing service.

Plumbing services are what we do – but we prefer to think of ourselves as a customer service business. Whether we’re repairing a leak, replacing a water heater or installing fixtures in your newly-remodeled kitchen, Direct’s team will be there for you every step of the way.

We build our customer experience on human connection, robust processes and expert training. Being invited into your home is a privilege we take very seriously, and we work hard to ensure that you receive the same great experience every time.

Our number one asset is our team. We’ve worked hard to ensure that every service technician is personable, helpful and expertly-trained. As a result, we’ve rapidly become one of Vancouver’s top-rated service plumbers.

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At Direct Plumbing, we’re reshaping what it means to be a service plumber, and raising the bar for the home service industry as a whole.

We believe the plumber has carried a stigma for too long. We’re tired of hearing our trade being characterized as dirty and unprofessional. Sadly, we have to admit that the image has been earned. That’s why we’re working twice as hard to rebuild from the ground up, to fundamentally change the experience of hiring a plumber.

Here’s how that looks:

You’re safe. Our team of local plumbing service technicians are caring, helpful, and professional. Our services are backed by workmanship warranties of up to 5 years, and we use premium-quality fixtures and materials that will stand the tests of time and use.

You’re informed. From the initial phone call to after we leave your home, you know what is happening, when, and why.

You’re in charge. Decisions are made by you, not us. You’re always free to get a second opinion or do it yourself. We never upsell additional products or services. We’ll provide information, but you call the shots.


Early beginnings

Our story starts in 2007, when a local named Andrew Bell became an apprentice plumber. He put in the work and earned his Journeyman Plumber card. Eventually, Andrew started his own plumbing service business. Guided by strong values and work ethic,  Andrew’s excellent service earned dedicated customers who we still serve to this day.

Building a team

As the demand his services increased, Andrew began hiring. As the team grew around him, a culture formed around an earnest dedication to service. From fresh apprentices to seasoned journeyman plumbers, each team member brought with them a desire to do the job right.

Growing business

In 2013 Andrew started Trademark Plumbing and expanded into commercial plumbing. To distinguish it from the commercial side, the service division of the company was named Direct Plumbing Solutions.

Led by long-time employee Eric Hanson, the service team went on to service thousands of customers across Clark County.

A lot has changed over the years, but as a team we continue to carry the dedication to service which brought us here. We’re humbled and honored to serve our community.


We’re a group of ordinary people with an extraordinary mission: to change the plumbing industry, one job at a time.

Eric Hanson at Direct Plumbing Solutions

Eric Hanson is the general manager of Direct Plumbing and a journeyman plumber himself. When you call Direct, he’s the one you’ll talk to. When he’s not managing the day-to-day operations, Eric responds to service calls.

Tyler at Direct Plumbing Solutions

Tyler Tanninen has fixed plumbing problems for people all over Clark County. In his off hours, you can usually find Tyler spending time with his wife and kids, or on one of our nearby rivers, fishing for bass.

Chris Atkinson brings years of experience in plumbing and construction. Customers often comment on his careful work and communication.

Tom Wirtanen

Tom Wirtanen spends his days with the service team learning about the plumbing trade, preparing to take over Direct’s sales and estimating. His outgoing personality and sense of humor keep the rest of the team on their toes.

Isaac at Direct Plumbing Solutions
Isaac Holmgren makes use of his previous experience in design and digital marketing to keep Direct at the forefront of the industry. Sometimes you’ll see him in the field, documenting the team and finding new ways to improve our service.
Direct Plumbing Solutions van

You could be our next hire! Learn how to get started with Direct Plumbing on our Careers page >>


One of the benefits of being a locally-owned and -operated business is having a real, physical address. Our office is located in Vancouver. Visitors are welcome (although we recommend you call ahead to make sure we’re not out taking care of a plumbing problem).

Direct Plumbing Solutions, LLC
16312 NE 72nd Ave
Vancouver, WA 98686
(360) 314-4709

While we’re headquartered in Vancouver, we serve Clark County from La Center to Washougal and out to Battle Ground, Yacolt and Amboy.


We’re always looking for experienced and professional plumbers. Learn what it’s like to work at Direct Plumbing Solutions, and take our quiz to find out whether we’d be a good fit.