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Battle Ground

Local City Guide

Battle Ground is a city in Clark County, Washington, covering 7.16 square miles and over 19,000 residents.

Battle Ground’s rural location and small-town atmosphere attracts many to the area; from 2000 to 2010 the local population doubled, and new homes continue to go up as demand increases.

Whether you just moved into the area or you’ve been a lifelong resident, this local guide will give you everything you need to survive in Battle Ground, WA.

A Direct Guide

Direct Plumbing is based in Battle Ground, Washington. We’re proud to be locally owned and operated, and happy to bring the best plumbing service to all our friends and neighbors here.


Battle Ground is a small town made up of primarily residential neighborhoods. Most of the city’s retail and commercial activity happens along Main Street. These are the main neighborhoods in Battle Ground.

Central Battle Ground

Central Battle Ground includes city hall, Battle Ground High School, the post office, and the auto license office. There are several restaurants and shopping centers here, and the neighborhood is fairly walkable.

Old Town

Some of the buildings in Old Town Battle Ground have been around for . On the far eastern end of Old Town, you’ll find the city fairgrounds, skate park, and a community center and event space.

West Battle Ground

West Battle Ground grew up in the late ’90s and early 2000s. Here, you’ll find additional shopping and grocery stores, along with several shopping centers and restaurants.

Battle Ground Village

Created in the mid-2000s by a visionary land developer, Battle Ground Village is a compact, modern city center. It includes the Battle Ground Community Library, and in the summer is host to a Farmers Market.

Direct Plumbing Office building in Battle Ground Village

Proud to be your local plumber

Although we’ve been serving Clark County for years, we recently moved into our new office in Battle Ground Village, right next to the library. Our service plumbers visit customers all over North County on a daily basis, so we’re never far away.

Awards & Recognition

Battle Ground is just getting started earning awards or national recognition. Here’s what others have to say about our city.

Best Places To Raise A Family in Washington State

WalletHub rated Washington cities based on the quality of family living. Battle Ground ranked favorably for Family Life & Fun, and Education, Health & Safety.

Popular Groups

These are some of the top spots to meet new people and find what you’re looking for.

Battle Ground Facebook Group

With a membership that rivals the city’s population, the Battle Ground, WA Facebook Group is one of the best places to stay updated on local news and events. It’s also a great place to ask questions about the helicopter over your house, or the dog you saw down the street.


City Of Battle Ground

The official website of city government provides access to important information about local code requirements, building permits and more.

> City Of Battle Ground Official Website

Battle Ground Municipal Code

Homes within the Battle Ground city limits are subject to the building codes of the city.

You’ll find the building codes under Title 15 of the Municipal Code.

> Battle Ground Municipal Code