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When you have an issue with your plumbing in Vancouver WA, you don’t want to deal with a questionable plumbing company that provides more problems than solutions. You want a friendly, local company that treats you right, gets to the bottom of the issue, works efficiently, and does all of this at a fair price. Direct Plumbing Solutions can bring your plumbing system back to life. Don’t put it in the hands of amateurs or people who use their expertise to take advantage of you in an unfamiliar industry; choose a plumbing company that will treat you, your family, and your property right!

Plumbing Repairs

Whether you would like to upgrade, have a small repair, or a plumbing disaster, we make sure that you’re taken care of.

Exceptional Service

From the very first phone call, we’ll treat you the way we’d want to be treated: with helpful, friendly service.

Our plumbers do all types of plumbing repairs

Whether you would like to upgrade, have a small repair, or a plumbing disaster, we make sure that you’re taken care of. When you call us you’ll be greeted by a friendly voice that hears your concerns, takes note of them, and provides you with a reasonable response time. Because we’re a smaller company, that time changes depending on what your issue is. Someone with a water line rupture that needs main water line repair will be more of a priority than someone with a dripping faucet, but we’ll always let you know upfront if this is the case. And if you’re the one with an emergency, we’ll prioritize your issue and head straight over for plumbing repairs!

We’ll fish any obstructions out of a clogged drain

We know that sometimes weird things end up down toilets. And we’ve removed our fair share of “unusual” items. But sometimes, clogs build up over time even if you’ve done everything right. When home clog removal products fail, call us to take care of it with our drain cleaning service. Our drain snake can reach all the way through your pipe system to find the source of the clog and extract it. You might be surprised bu how such small items can cause huge troubles!

We do lots of plumbing, but do we do it well? Just look at the reviews! Customers consistently give us top ratings for our service and value. Look at our profiles on Yelp and Google and see how we go the extra step for our customers!

Call us for plumbing inspections and repipesPlumbing Vancouver WA

Does your plumbing seem sluggish? Is it taking awhile to drain? It might not be a clog, but could be something else.

  • Many older homes in the Vancouver WA area are made from galvanized pipe that has been proven to deteriorate and rust quickly
  • Some types of piping are toxic and leach trace amounts of harmful materials. Among these are lead, formerly a common pipe component!
  • We’ll happily inspect your plumbing system and our qualified plumbers can quickly tell what material your pipe is made from
  • It might not only be a safer option to get do home repipes, but it may end up saving you money in the long run as well!

We don’t just do repairs; call us for plumbing installations too!

Our versatile team of plumbers does much more than water heater repair and plumbing repairs. They can diagnose your water usage and evaluate whether it would be a cost-effective solution to upgrade too! Advances in faucets, shower heads, and even toilets mean that a new fixture installation can do more than look nice. They use water more efficiently and provide better functionality while also looking great. So when you’re for a plumbing upgrade, repair, or just want someone to take a look, call Direct Plumbing Solutions today for anything and everything to do with plumbing in Vancouver WA!

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